The best travel skincare routine to combat jet lag


Travelling to beautiful destinations is always exciting. Perhaps you’re visiting family you haven’t seen in a while and can’t wait to hug them!

Either way, knowing what’s waiting for you at your destination is usually worth the lengthy wait at the airport and those epic hours in the air.

While jet lag is never fun, neither is jet-lagged skin and if you’ve suffered it then you’ll know what we mean! If not, read this article and make sure you are fully prepared so you can enjoy smooth, dewy skin when you step off the plane.

Treat your skin a few Days Before: OSEA Vitamin C Probiotic Face Polish

It’s best to start prepping your skin a few days before your flight so your skin has a fighting chance at beating the desperately dry air in the airplane.


A face mask is a great way to allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation (go on, you’ve earned it!) all while infusing your skin with a deep dose of hydration and a cocktail of nutrients that will add a plumpness and rosiness to tired skin.

This beauty product includes probiotics to fight inflammation, Vitamin C to brighten and seaweed to hydrate your skin before take-off! It’s even an effective treatment for removing blackheads and other blemishes.

Exfoliate: MUKTI 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant

Exfoliation helps to promote that gorgeous, radiant glow we all lust after. Because it helps to remove dead skin that may have been clinging to the surface of your skin, it allows for better absorption of your products so your skin can soak up your rich moisturising products like a sponge.

This Mukti resurfacing mask is wonderful for all skin types and contains a beautiful blend of exotic ingredients to gently yet effectively dissolve dead skin cells and leave your skin more radiant than ever before!

Ramp up the Moisture: Nourish Organic Ultra-Hydrating Organic Face Cream

The humidity in the air is extremely low due to pressurized cabins that recirculate the air every few minutes. This dryness can put your skin at risk for wrinkles and dullness, so a deep dollop of moisture is imperative to revive your skin and provide a protective barrier on the surface.

Be sure to sip on water throughout your flight (coconut water has the added benefits of natural electrolytes) as well as treat your skin to an intense burst of moisture that is all natural and infused with antioxidants like this moisturiser by Nourish Organic.

Spritz Throughout Your Flight: Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

Organic facial toners are a brilliant way to add a refreshing burst of moisture during your flight.

They add that deep hydration your parched skin craves while treating it to a blend of powerful vitamins and minerals to perk it up.

This gorgeous toner has a beautiful rose scent to deeply nourish, refresh and uplift!

These four tips will ensure your skin has its best chance at staying plumped, hydrated and glowing no matter how long you’re in the air!

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