‘Belly-buttoning’ best way to reap benefits from CBD


CBD users could turbocharge its reported health benefits by chugging it through their tummy buttons.

Known as ‘belly-buttoning’, holistic experts claim it’s the best way to absorb the trendy food supplement to get the potential boost it is said to offer.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It only contains trace elements of tetrahydrocannabinol – or THC – which is the psychoactive ingredient that gets pot smokers ‘high’.

It has gained popularity in recent years, with users claiming it can combat conditions including nausea, chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety.

How can you take CBD?

Regular ways of taking CBD include drops under the tongue or in food, while others apply it to their skin.

But belly-buttoning is increasing in popularity and here’s why:

Officially known as the Pechoti method or Nabhi Chikitsa, it lets users absorb oil through the belly button to enhance the benefits of CBD oil.

Fans of the approach reckon massaging it into the tummy button can offer greater benefits than other methods. 

There are roughly 72,000 veins that run through the area behind the navel. These are connected to various organs including the brain, stomach, bladder and large intestine. 

‘Cure’ ailments by belly-buttoning CBD

It’s believed that applying certain oils to the belly button can cure eye dryness, poor eyesight, fix cracked heels or lips, keep the face glowing, repair dry skin and help with joint pain – because it’s absorbed faster into the blood vessels. 

“When you’re formed as a human all of your nutrition is going through your belly button,” traditional naturopath and registered master herbalist Dr Lakisha Jenkins told High Times. 

“That’s your source of nutrition from the time you begin to develop, so why can’t it be the rest of your life?”

According to Dr Jenkins, our gut contains many cannabinoid receptors and determines central nervous system disorders. 

In Ayurveda – one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems developed in India more than 3,000 years ago –  this method of intake was said to be an integrated approach to the endocrine system, a system of glands that make hormones. 

Dr Jenkins explained: “Your endocrine system and hormones are the cause of a lot of the common ailments that are plaguing the human existence.”

On YouTube, channel CannaLife also suggests taking oils and tinctures via the navel.

Research needed

David Barcly, CEO of popular UK brand CBD Armour, is calling for research into administering CBD products via the navel.

“It would be interesting to find out more about this,” he said. “If CBD could in some way help a range of ailments via this method it’s worth researching further.”

CBD is one of 104 chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, that can be found in the cannabis plant. It is a naturally occurring substance and legal in the UK.

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