6 Massage therapy tools that will change your life


Most people will agree that there is nothing more relaxing than a long massage session. But many of us view it as a luxury, something that is only possible at fancy massage parlours or spas.

But actually, this isn’t quite true. You cant have a massage therapy in your very own home, so why not be your own therapist? With the fast-paced life that we lead, massage is something that needs to be incorporated into our daily lives for a healthy mind and body. So here are some tools that can change your life…

Point therapy massage cane

This massage therapy is great for dealing with tight knot muscles in your upper part of the back and shoulders. These knots can restrict movement, and the pain can lead to headaches. The S-shaped cane comes with 11 therapy knobs for your back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, feet, chest and hips. The knobs are designed to provide compression and increase blood flow to your muscles.

Foot massager

The feet are the most used yet the most neglected parts of the body. They also contain nerve endings for almost every part of the body. So, it’s crucial to pay proper attention to them. Foot massagers are great for relieving tired feet and reducing heel pain. It also boosts blood flow, which is very good for nerve endings.

Spine aligner

 As the name suggests, this tool is great for self-massaging the spine. It puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine and relaxes them. This relieves you from any pain that you might be suffering.

This is great for people who work for hours sitting in the same place. Sitting in the same posture for hours puts immense pressure on the spine if the proper position is not maintained. A spine aligner can relieve this pressure by stretching your muscles gently and naturally, improving your posture.

Acupuncture pen

Acupuncture pens mimic the healing principle of ancient acupuncture therapy. They are useful in dealing with recurring problems like migraine, headaches, muscle pain, and can give you a relaxing massage therapy after a long day at work. They are very compact and can be carried around easily while travelling.

The WOOSA Acupuncture Massaging Pen is one of the best when it comes to acupuncture pens. It is an electric acupuncture pen that emits electrical pulses that stimulate acupoints, resulting in massage therapy and pain relief. It comes with three different massage heads- dome, spheroidal, and node type. The dome head helps with skincare and beautification by reducing saggy skin and wrinkles.

The nodal head provides nodal therapy for partial body pain, whereas the spheroidal dome helps with quick alleviating pains. It comes with nine different power levels that aids in massaging different parts of the body.

Massage ball

Massage balls are great for deep tissue massage therapy. They come in varying sizes, and some can also be heated, to accelerate blood circulation.


These are especially great to use after workouts since they can reduce muscle stiffness and relieve muscle soreness by stimulating the production of lactic acid. They also boost your blood circulation, which promotes muscle healing post workouts. They can be used anywhere on the body from head to toe. Regular use is said to increase your flexibility, improve muscle recovery and decrease muscle fatigue.

Foam roller

 The foam roller is excellent for deep tissue regeneration, especially if you’re someone who’s into sports or working out. It offers many benefits like reducing inflammation, relieving joint stress, and improving flexibility. Including a roller in your pre- and post-workout will prevent muscle injuries and also boost muscle recovery.

So, with these tools at your disposal, you’ll never have a sore muscle to worry about and can always lead your life in Zen. They are also pretty cheap and very effective! So, what are you waiting for?!










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