How much hair product to apply: Shampoo, conditioner and more…


Hair cosmetics contain ingredients that cleanse, nourish, and hydrate the scalp and follicles.

If you’re wondering how much hair product to apply, with most shampoos and conditioners, there is no specified amount. Using too much shampoo and making more bubbles won’t clean your scalp any better. On the other hand, a tablespoon of shampoo might not be enough for long, thick hair either.

Finding a balance is crucial. If you don’t use enough shampoo, conditioner, or hair balm, you won’t have the full effect of the products. However, using too much is also not advisable. It can make your strands heavy, glued, and dull.

Layering hair cosmetics is crucial, but it can be somewhat confusing. Many people wonder how to apply hair products in the right order. Additionally, what you want to know is if you should apply products to wet or damp hair. Another question that arises is how to distribute hair product evenly.

Layering hair products

The shampoo is the basis of hair care because it provides a clean base for applying other products. After washing, be sure to dry your hair with a towel. Wet strands will not absorb nutrients, and creamy products will slip off of them.

After shampooing, it’s time for hair conditioner, balm, or mask. Don’t skip these products if your hair is brittle, dry, damaged, or dyed. However, learning about proper hair care routine shouldn’t end here. You should know more about your hair type and how each product can help your hair.

If you use a hairdryer, use a blow-dry cream to prevent heat damage, then apply a mousse or spray for higher volume. Before drying, treat the damaged strands’ ends with oil, milk, or a silicone-based shine serum. If you’re in doubt about how to layer curly hair products, this order applies to all hair types. You can skip some products but don’t switch the order. After blow-drying, you can apply fixating hair products to keep the hair in place.

After learning the layering order, the next thing is to learn about the required amounts of products you should use. ‘How much product to use in curly hair?’ and ‘How much shampoo should I use for oily hair?’ are just some of the questions requiring answers that you’ll find below.

Shampoo and conditioner

Different hair types demand different amounts of shampoo for a thorough wash. Various factors affect this amount – hair thickness, length, whether the strands are straight or wavy, etc. Additionally, depending on how frequently you wash your hair, the amount of shampoo you’ll need to use will vary. The more time passes between two washes – the dirtier your hair will be. You’ll need more shampoo to remove all the grease, dirt, and dead skin cells from your scalp and follicles.

However, straight and thin strands require smaller amounts of shampoo. If your hair is thin, medium length, and subtle, a tablespoon will be enough for deep cleaning. The same amount is enough for short and curly hair types. As the hair length increases, so should the amount of shampoo.

Hair conditioner usually has a soothing effect, and small amounts will help you stylize your hair. If you wonder how much conditioner to use, the answer is simple. For short hair, you’ll need no more than a blueberry-sized drop. Let it be a cherry size for medium length, and for long hair, make it two cherries. Increase the dosage by at least 50%, if your hair is thick. Use a comb to cover each strand evenly.

Nourishing products

An egg-sized blob of hair mousse will do wonders for both straight and curly strands. Massage this product into the hair roots to get a lifting effect. The texture of mousses is not thick or oily, so you can’t go wrong if you put a little more than needed. However, if that happens, you should dry your hair as soon as possible. If the mousse is on for too long, it will stiffen and become difficult to remove.

Shine serum goes only onto hair ends. Therefore, you don’t need more than a pea-size droplet. The same goes for oil. If you opt for a spray, make it three spritzes—one on each side of the head and one in the back.

Hair styling products come just before drying or immediately after drying. One of the favorite professional hair styling products in the world is hair gel. You can apply it to wet strands to give your hairstyle a higher volume. Usually, a grape-sized dollop is enough. You can also put gel on dry hair to get a damp hair look. All you need is a small quantity to cover the surface of your hair. It’s no more than a pound-sized drop.


More is not always better. You need to control the number and amount of hair products you use to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Make sure to learn all about the required amounts for each product. That way, using additional cosmetics will help you achieve even better results, but only if you apply them according to the instructions.

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