5 creative ways to celebrate a friend’s big achievement


A simple key to staying happy, content and motivated  is to celebrate every small and big achievement. Having big dreams to attain seemingly impossible goals is a good thing. But, every step in the journey is worth applauding. The best gift that you can give a friend or loved one is to commemorate every objective and success they reach, irrespective of how small  it might be. Here are a bunch of gifts to consider for your friends to show that you believe in their ability to chase–and catch–their dreams.

Enjoy a meal

Memories of the time spent with loved ones is treasured as much or more than the tokens you might get for them. The next time you want to celebrate, search around for UK restaurant menus. Place orders for a lovely takeout meal that you can enjoy in an informal setting of your home. Use the excuse to catch up with each other’s lives and ask for more details about everything your friend will be doing next. This simple celebration will help motivate them to stick with their dreams and overcome any roadblocks they face.

Commemorate the unwavering support of a furry friend

The lockdown has been hard on the best of us, what with the uncertainly of employment, loneliness, claustrophobia, and being stuck at home. Possibly, the only family member who stood beside you all through the dark times was your little floof-ball and their unwavering affection. Acknowledge all that love and support by commissioning pet portraits. You can place orders for custom, hand-painted paintings that capture a special moment you spent together. Upload your favorite digital image and receive a beautifully framed picture that you can hang in your home.

Donate to a cause they support

Is your friend committed to saving the planet? Join in their dedication by purchasing and gifting them an environmental cause bracelet. These pretty accessories can be worn by men and women and are crafted using recycled glass and plastic bottles. You can select from five different colors, each of which signifies a particular cause. For instance, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of blue bracelets is diverted toward cleaning up the oceans. Buy a red bracelet for your friend and contribute to initiatives for preventing illegal poaching and ivory trade.

Low-maintenance terrariums for good cheer

Flowers and plants are a great way to show you care, especially for a friend who is working too hard. Gift them a terrarium that adds greenery and good cheer to any spaces. Terrariums need very little care and attention – just a light spritzing with water once a week can have them thriving well. Look for miniature plants that won’t need much sunshine and can be placed on a shady windowsill. They’ll provide companionship, color, and add an element of style to any home decor. 

Flavoured tea drops for a quick pick-me-up

Aromatic teas with herbs can do wonders for your physical and psychological health, thanks to their many therapeutic properties. Find one of these tea drops available in a selection of aromas designed to refresh and rejuvenate instantly. You can buy them in shapes like flowers, hearts, cubes, and stars, each of which can transform a cup of hot water into a delightful brew – no straining necessary.

The next time you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a loved one’s accomplishments, order one of these small but thoughtful markers of your affection. These thoughtful gifts show that you appreciate every small step your friends take toward attaining their dreams.

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