Top practical tips when preparing your next trip


Whether you adore luxurious travel or you’re an avid backpacker, we all love taking a well-earned trip. Picking a destination and checking out sightseeing opportunities is undeniably the most exciting part of planning a holiday. Yet there are also a few extremely important practical aspects that you need to consider when you organize your next getaway.

Changing money

While sometimes you might get away using your home currency at airports, you will need to use local currency when traveling. Do your research before you decide what method of payment is best for you. Having a lot of money on your person is not the safest approach when traveling, but sometimes that might be better in terms of saving money. The first thing you need to do is look at your bank’s charges and fees when you use your debit or credit card abroad. If these are too high, you might be better of changing money at home.

When you plan to take a trip that will last a few weeks, it is wise to start observing trends in the currency you would like to change so that you can actually change money when the forex trading pair is to your advantage. There is a whole industry involved in explaining forex trading signals for those interested in purchasing or selling a foreign exchange currency pair at a specific price. While the most reliable tips are those that traders pay for, you can also subscribe for free trading signals. These will be provided by an analyst or a forex robot and help you identify when is the right time to buy the currency you are interested in. If you buy at the right time for the right price, that could end up substantially increasing your trip budget.

Plan ahead for jet lag

If you are flying to an exotic destination, chances are you will change a few time zones to get there. This can cause jet lag, a temporary condition in which your sleep pattern is disturbed, and you can experience fatigue during the day. This is normal as the body adapts to a new sleeping pattern and will improve within a few days. While jet lag cannot be prevented, there are a couple of things you can do to help your body cope with it better. These include drinking lots of water, resting well before you travel, and even try to simulate your new sleeping pattern before you actually arrive to your destination.

Yet the most important thing is to actually take jet lag into account when planning your trip, especially if it is only expected to last a few days. If you pack your first two days with loads of sightseeing and jet lag hits you, chances are you will not be able to meet your schedule – or actually enjoy it if you do. So, plan sensibly and leave the heavy lifting for the next few days, when your body will have had time to adjust.

Can you drive abroad?

Finally, always take a look at means of transport abroad before you travel – including renting a car. A car might be the most convenient way of getting around in a foreign country without having to adapt your schedule to bus times or pay a fortune on train tickets. Yet it also involves doing some research beforehand, to see if your existing driver license can cover you while you rent a car abroad.

It might take some time and effort to sort these not-so-exciting things out before your trip, but once you have arrived at your destination you will be thankful you took care of it well in advance!

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