DIY sauerkraut is the Lockdown 3.0 food trend to beat the January Blues

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MISERABLE Brits are pepping up their Covid-caused low moods by turning to a fermented German delicacy – sauerkraut.

The popular dish, made by pickling cabbage, is rich in probiotic bacteria that boost gut health to bring a host of benefits. These include an enhanced immune system, improved brain and heart health and a better quality of sleep.

Improved health

Leading biochemist Dr Gill Hart said: “If your gut is unhappy, it’s likely to affect your overall wellbeing too.

“Restoration and maintenance of healthy intestinal and blood brain barriers, and the composition of the gut microbiota, are key to improved health.”

Not only is sauerkraut at the cutting edge of a new food trend, many people are continuing the DIY attitude of the first coronavirus lockdown by making it themselves.

Online homeware store Silver Mushroom has seen an upturn in sales of Kilner Fermenting sets, perfect for creating the delicious and health-boosting pickled cabbage dish.

Surge in sales

Co-founder Emmie Brookman said: “We’ve seen a surge in sales of our at-home Kilner sets.

“They are perfect for creating live cultures of sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and much more.

“The set comes with recipes and instructions so people can enjoy fermenting in no time.”

There are a wide range of probiotics foods like sauerkraut and yoghurt readily available at the supermarket, but fermenting at home is easy, rewarding and can save money.

Belly-friendly funghi

Probiotic bacteria are created when cabbage-type foods go through the fermentation process  This produces chemical changes resulting in the belly-friendly organisms.

Boosting the wellbeing of your digestive system and gut microbes including fungi, viruses and 100 trillion bacteria in the average human body , is key to avoiding some unwanted conditions including weight gain, high blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.

The main foods that are bad for your gut health are citrus fruits, artificial sugar, beans, pulses and spicy foods.

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