Are all porcelain crowns strong?


From protecting your damaged and decayed teeth to improving your smile, dental crowns are an effective treatment option for maintaining good dental health. They have helped thousands of patients protect their teeth after undergoing root canal surgery or dental implant procedures.

There are plenty of materials used to prepare these dental crowns- porcelain, metal, ceramic, gold, etc. Of these, porcelain is the most preferred material by patients since it helps achieve the most natural-looking teeth and makes your smile more aesthetic.

However not all-porcelain crowns are the same. We reached out to to practicing Dentists in Austin TX, Dr. Mike Shalaby and Dr. Mark Shalaby from Paradigm Dental to find out if all-porcelain crowns are equally strong or not.

What are porcelain crowns and how do they work?

Porcelain crowns are protective caps that are fitted over your natural teeth or dental implants to repair and prevent damage and decay. They look just like your natural teeth and hence are highly recommended to anyone looking for a perfect smile after undergoing dental procedures for a damaged or decayed or missing tooth.

The process usually requires two sittings- one for preparing your tooth and one to place the crown. These dental crowns are custom made in a lab and hence the procedure takes 2 sittings spread over a couple of weeks. The dentist starts by treating decay or removing damaged parts before shaving down the enamel of the tooth to allow the crown to fit in comfortably between the surrounding teeth.

Once the porcelain crown is prepared by the lab, the dentist places the crown and makes some finishing touches to help it blend with the rest of your teeth.

Are all porcelain crowns equally strong?

While porcelain dental crowns are stronger than your natural teeth, they too are susceptible to wear and tear. On average, a porcelain crown can last a good 10-15 years, maybe even more if you take good care of them. This makes them a durable and near-permanent treatment plan.

Some of these crowns are made entirely of porcelain while the rest are fused with other materials like ceramic, metal, or gold. While all these crowns are strong enough to help you chew food normally, the strength may differ for different porcelain crowns.

Both ceramic and metal are two of the strongest materials that can be used for dental crowns. This makes crowns fused with them stronger and visually appealing too.

The strength of your porcelain dental crown will also depend on the quality of the materials used. A poorly made crown can break or chip easily requiring replacements. So it is best to choose a dental provider who offers high-quality services to ensure your porcelain crown lasts long.

At Paradigm Dental, Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby has an in-house laboratory so that they can customise your dental crowns and have control over their quality.

Having an in-house laboratory also enables them to prepare your tooth and place your crown within a single day. So you won’t have to make separate visits to get your dental crown.

If you need porcelain crowns in Austin, Tx you must visit them at the Paradigm Dental Clinic. They provide high-quality care to all their patients and help them achieve the perfect smile. So book your appointment right away!






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