this isn’t another “tribe” or “be kind” situation (eye roll)

Look at my new t-shirt. Young black man pointing at blank space of his clothes

There’s so much out there about tribes right now.Be part of our tribe! We’re all in this together! Yeah, tribe buddies!

And of course, everyone and their dog is wearing a t-shirt that says “be kind”. A great concept, but where’s the depth?

Tribes, kindness… does any of it actually mean anything?

We’re living through a time in history when people are lonelier than ever, and desperate for a meaningful connection, so I suppose it’s no wonder that people are looking for ways to bond with others.

But it can all end up feeling a little cliched can’t it, because does it really reflect the true reality of where we are in society right now?

Back in 2017, WHO reckoned that 300 million people were experiencing depression worldwide. It’s estimated that since the pandemic, that number will double.

Depression and other mental disorders reduce life expectancy by up to 10 years and contribute to a huge 14.3% of yearly deaths worldwide.

Thankfully, a lot of people are able to get help. But sadly, many, many more go undiagnosed.

Think about it, at any one moment, there could be half a billion people feeling alone, scared, broken, lost or that there is no hope.

And a couple of years ago I was one of them.

Having been in such a dark place for so long, what I really needed was hope.


This is what we all need more than anything.

I held on to that hope as I absorbed everything I could about recovery from depression. Seriously, no book went unread, no youtube video went unwatched. And as I expanded my knowledge about the incredible resilience and power of the human brain, I also identified an opportunity to help others.

Wanting to do something a little different, I devised an idea of how I could help other people navigate their way through their own depression journey, while providing a creative and meaningful outlet for what I was going through.

Some key characteristics of depression are:

  1. It makes you feel like you’re all alone, that no one can possibly understand you
  2. It removes all your hope for a brighter future

So how could I address both?

The idea for Solis, the meaningful clothing brand, was born!Solis is the cool new clothing brand which provides hope for the future. Not only to its wearers, but to others too.

Created by people who know how depression REALLY feels, Solis clothing is a wearable, daily reminder that you’re not alone.

Each design laden with meaning which is personal to the wearers voyage, our tees inspire people to consider depression a journey rather than a final destination.

And not only does a Solis t-shirt look fresh and give you hope, it also helps others. Because £5 from the sale of every t-shirt goes straight to Samaritans, enabling them to answer a call from someone in crisis.

So yeah, I’m asking you to become part of our tribe. But this time it’s different…

Because I’m not creating a cool, new, or exclusive tribe… I’m simply providing belonging and hope for one that already exists.

One that too many people are already part of, whether they like it or not.

If you’d like more info about Solis, and our mission, or to find out how you could become one of our Solis ambassadors, just let us know.

Solis clothing is the new meaningful clothing brand, launching in August 2021,  that shows what you wear can actually make a difference in your own as well as making a difference to other peoples lives. Developed by Justin Proud, and reflecting his own depression journey, Solis t-shirts feature meaningful designs which reflect the wearers personal journey, while providing a sense of belonging. With £5 of every t-shirt sale also going to Samaritans, Solis is an inclusive brand which promotes honesty about the true nature of depression.

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