How to keep your car interior like brand new!


For many people, their car is their pride and joy. After buying a house, it is likely to be the second biggest purchase you make, so it is important that you look after it. Whilst the outside might get washed every Sunday afternoon, we often find that the interior of our cars can be a little neglected, and signs of wear and tear will show eventually if you do not take care of it.

If you pay the inside of your car as much attention as you do the outside, it can make a huge difference to its condition. You will not only have a car which is more likely to hold its value, but also one in which you still take pride and enjoy being in, even if it is just to do the school run.

Here, Car Mats UK, specialists in high-quality car mats, share their expertise and essential tips on how to keep the interior of your car looking as good as new for longer.


They say that prevention is better than cure, and this is certainly the case with your car interior. There are now various protective creams available which can be applied to parts of your car’s cabin to protect them from damage.

The vinyl or plastic within the car can become prone to cracking or might become brittle thanks to age and sun exposure. Applying a protective cream to these parts is a simple and low-cost task which can prevent you from having to replace larger parts of your car further down the line.

These creams can be incredibly effective, but it is important to remember not to apply them to your pedals or steering wheel as it may cause a loss of grip.

Car mats

Car mats are an easy feature to forget, but they are one of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping your car looking great. Their most important job is to protect your floor not only from the wear and tear of your shoes, but also to guard against rot, mildew, mould, and bad odours.

This is because they are made from hard-wearing materials and can be removed from the vehicle to making cleaning them even easier.

You can choose from a range of different mats according to the way that you use your car. In addition to your normal car mats, you can also add a heel pad. This sits below your heel when your foot is on the pedal to protect the mat and the floor beneath it in a particularly high use area.

Protecting the areas of your car that you can see is important, but it often means that we can forget the boot. That is why boot mats are not becoming increasingly popular. If you are keen on outdoor activities and find that you carry a lot of equipment around, then a boot mat is a great way to protect your boot and keep it clean.

Likewise, pet mats can protect floors and seats from pet hair and claw marks when transporting the family pooch.

Car mats don’t have to be boring either. You can personalise them with a variety of trims and embroidery, and you can even have an image printed onto them to get your car looking fantastic.

Stain solutions

With children and pets in the car, stains become inevitable, and how you treat them is very important. The secret with any stain is to act fast and need to be removed as soon as you possibly can. If you have leather seats, there are simple cleaners which can be purchased from supermarkets and hardware shops which have been designed for such a job and are very effective.

Fabric seats and carpets can be harder to deal with and stains can be much more visible. Dilute coffee stains with cold water and blotting, whilst grease stains can be tackled with a damp microfibre cloth. If the stains persist, you might need to use more aggressive detailing products.

Hairspray is an effective weapon in dealing with certain stains and marks, particularly when it comes to absorbing ink.

Sadly, bodily fluids are a common culprit when it comes to stains in cars, so you need to know how to deal with these. The acid in vomit can be handled with a mixture of baking soda and water, whilst bloodstains need to be covered with a paste made from corn starch and cold water, which can be brushed away when dry.


Vacuuming any dirt and clutter from your car is a quick and easy way to give it a lift. It can get rid of the dirt, leaves, crumbs and debris that typically gets left behind. When left to fester, these things can start to cause bad smells and even contribute to mould or rot.

By vacuuming, you are also helping to get rid of the dust and allergens that can contribute to allergies, asthma and hay fever, making the cabin of your car more breathable as well as nicer looking place to be.

Professional cleaning

Keeping on top of the cleaning of the interior of your car is important, but from time to time it might need a professional clean. This might be due to hard to shift stains, or just an ability to do more than you might be able to at home. Don’t just choose the cheapest service available, look for someone who uses professional products, has good reviews and will treat you car with the love and expertise that it deserves.

Keeping your car interior clean and cared for will make it a much more pleasant place to be. It doesn’t matter if you only use it for the weekly shop, or do hundreds of motorway miles a day, it should always be something that it feels nice getting into.

When your car is clean and well maintained, it will encourage others within it to treat it with respect, and you can ensure that it has a much longer life as part of your family.

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