Back to the 90s with Modelones’ Vinyl Record Solid Cream Gel Polish

Colour cube

Relish in the amazing combination of music and nail arts! The Vinyl-inspired product allows you to enjoy music while getting your nails done. Customers that scan the QR code on the packaging will be converted to Modelones’ Tiktok music. Relax. Enjoy the present. Immerse yourself in the beauty of color. That’s the concept that Modelones has always wanted to deliver.

If you are a big fan of the 90s, you have to take a look at Modelones’ new product 21-color Vinyl Record Solid Cream Gel Polish! Launched on their website and Amazon store in September, the 21-color palettes became a new hit among nail artists and nail art enthusiasts. Readers, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the craziest adventure with the new solid cream gel polish!

Moreover, its portability means it’s perfect for trips and friend gatherings. It is smaller in size than bottled polish gel but larger in volume. Each palette guarantees 50 times manicure. And just as its name goes, solid cream gel polish has a creamy texture and nice quality, which is what Modelones has always been proud of. Moreover, it’s easy to apply and rookie-friendly! Whether you’re a nail artist an amateur, this new product that comes with a brush will surely bring you smooth usage. Stop hesitating, just give it a go!

The new product comes in eight themes, with Evoke Memories and Cozy Wander as the featured themes. Evoke memories, one of the eight multicolored palettes, with various colors high in saturation, will take you back in time, to the era when classics and new trends collided. For party animals, this palette will also have you well-prepared for the coming Halloween and Christmas.

Cozy Wander captures all the cool-toned beauty of winter. From deep nudes and beiges and soft and subtle shimmers to gorgeous glitters and show-stopping shades full of glitz and glam—your friends will be dazzled by your coolest nail looks all winter long. If you feel cold in the dreary winter? Snuggle up with your loved ones at home and do your nails with the wonderful palettes. The product will give you and your loved one some quality time together!

Modelones’ polishes are not only favored by nail salons, but also frequented fashion lovers’ dressing table. Besides, Modelones has always been expanding the creativeness in designing solid cream gel polishes.  Will they continue to surprise nail art lovers with their new products? Let’s look forward to them!

The 21-color Vinyl Record Solid Cream Gel Polish Color Cube is now on sale on and their Amazon store, at an affordable price of $29.99.

Prices for reference:

UK, £27.96.

Europe, €31.25.

Canada, CAD$41.16.

Switzerland, SFr. 29.74.

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