The 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions

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Google Chrome has built its reputation off its fast and reliable performance, its easy syncing functions and its clean-cut appearance. However, what makes it the world’s most used and unique web browser are the downloadable extensions that come with it.

Find out about the 10 must-have Chrome extensions which will revolutionise the way you serve the internet.

Coupons at Checkout


The Coupons at Checkout chrome extensions are constantly looking to save you money. Whenever you’re about to make an online purchase, the extension will draw up a list of coupons that you may be able to use. There is no guarantee that there will be a discount for the product you’re purchasing, but if you do the majority of your shopping online, then this extension is surely going to save you money over time.

Office Editing

doc sheets

For those of you who use Microsoft Office as well as Google Docs and spreadsheets for work purposes, then you may get irritated when it comes to converting your Office documents to Google’s format. The Office Editing extension provides you with the perfect solution as it allows you to view and modify any Office documents in the Google Drive.

Strict Workflow


Do you get distracted serving the web at work? If you have to use the web for work purposes, then it can take a split second for you to become distracted. By installing the Strict Workflow extension, then you will be able to put a temporary block on the websites that distract you most and will force you to work without these distractions for at least 25 minutes.



Most times when you’re aimlessly serving the web, you will come across an article that interests you. However, you may not have time to get a full read of the article, so instead of leaving the article open for later, add it to your reading list with the help of the Pocket extension.

Google Quick Scroll

quick scroll

When you’re searching for a particular section in a block of text then it can be very difficult to find what you’re looking for. The Google Quick Scroll extension will find particular phrases in a page you find in your google results, meaning that you can find the section you’re looking for immediately.



Do you struggle to remember all your passwords for all your different online accounts? The 1Password extension for Google Chrome has been built with convenience at mind as it’s a piece of software that generates a password which can be used for all your online accounts. You don’t even have to remember the password too, as the extension will remember it for you.



Adverts are annoying as it is, but what’s more annoying is that your searches are being tracked at the same time so these adverts can be tailored to your needs. The Blur extension blocks ad tracking as well as stopping your information being shared.

FVD Downloader


The FVD Downloader gives you the opportunity to keep the videos you love the most. This extension allows you to download your favourite videos from the online world with the tap of a button – to the annoyance of many video sites. However, due to Google’s ownership of YouTube, you’re unable to download videos from the world’s most dominant video-sharing site.

Google Dictionary

google dictionary

Reading articles online are massively convenient, however, if there are a number of words that you don’t understand in the passage, then you will struggle to understand the article overall. The Google Dictionary extension will provide you with the meanings of different words whilst you’re viewing content posted online. Just double click on the word you’re unsure of and the extension will pull up the full dictionary definition of the word.

Search by Image

search by image

For those of you who want to know more about the images you see as you serve the web, the Search by Image extension recognises the images and will provide its users with a link to the Google Image Search. There you will be able to find a number of similar images with links to their sources, giving you greater knowledge about the images you’re viewing.

What are your favourite Chrome extensions?

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