3 Fun activities to do on a Zoom party in 2021


If you are getting tired of working from home throughout the pandemic and spending your life on back-to-back video calls, then the prospect of a Zoom party on a Friday night with your friends might not sound all that appealing… Fortunately, even in 2021, there are still plenty of fun ways to spice up a virtual session that will keep you and your friends engaged for hours!

1. Alcohol tasting

What’s an easy way to make something entertaining? Alcohol, of course! So, whatever type you and your best friends are into, there is sure to be a tasting evening you could run that would appeal to all of you. Whether it is craft beers, white wine, red wine, gin, cocktails, or something different entirely, sitting down with your mates and trying out something new is a surefire way to have fun and a great laugh to have, especially over Zoom! Want to spice things up even further? Try out some drinking games. Never Have I Ever is a good laugh – why not give that a go?

2. Watch a movie together

Thanks to Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) groups of friends can sit back, relax, and pick one of the best movies on Netflix right now to watch together while on Zoom. All it takes is a simple extension for your browser and works with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Simple!

Struggling for inspiration on what to watch? There are plenty of laugh-out-loud comedies like Superbad or 21 Jump Street, chick flicks like Mean Girls or Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as well as superhero action movies like Iron Man 3 on Netflix to get stuck into. Interestingly, Iron Man 3 producer Dan Mintz told Deadline recently that he thought “normally, the third instalment is the one that kills the franchise” but we think the third Iron Man was a brilliant movie, and definitely one to watch with your friends.

3. Play a game

A Zoom call is always much more fun when you have something to engage everyone involved and there is nothing quite like a game to make that happen. One of the most popular Zoom party games is Among Us and works across both laptops and smartphones. Participants are all positioned on a spaceship and have to complete tasks before time runs out. Among them is an anonymous imposter who everybody else has to avoid and who is controlled secretly by one of the participants. Their aim is to kill the other players before anybody finds out that they are the imposter. It is bags of fun and will definitely liven up your next Zoom session!

In summary, there is still plenty you can do on Zoom to liven up a weekend evening spent indoors. The pandemic needn’t put a dampener on our fun and these three fun activities are a certified way of enjoying yourselves throughout lockdown or periods of isolation. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to share your own suggestions.

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