Banish the winter blues with stylish looks for your home


Decorating the interior of your home is probably the most exciting part about owning your own property. You can every accessory you desire and paint the rooms whatever colour you choose. It is certainly more enjoyable than working endlessly, homeschooling your children or attending your hundredth zoom meeting during lockdown.  

Covid-19 friendly looks

A trend that has emerged due to the covid-19 pandemic is having as many easy to clean surfaces as possible, as we have become a nation of cleaning obsessed people. Furnishings such as glass coffee tables, or metal surface accessories like light fixtures are easy to clean to prevent any germs lingering. Hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors are much healthier than rugs and carpets that collect endless dust particles and look a lot more stylish.

Once that cream carpet is stained because a family member walked in with muddy wellies or a glass of red wine was spilt from the sofa, it will be a nightmare to keep in its original pristine colour. Unless you want to spend all your time washing and hoovering the carpet. 

Chic beach looks

If you want to create a lovely contemporary yet casual look, which evokes a French chic beach theme, then you can certainly create the Hamptons style on a budget by purchasing some lovely accessories to go with a fresh white or soft grey backdrop. Accessories can be in various blue or stripy patterns. It will make you want to visit the beach even more after recreating this lovely look. A vision to hold onto until you can visit an actual beach. 

Eco-friendly furnishings

The topic of climate change and sustainability has crept into the decor world as well. More people are opting for pieces of furniture that are made from recycled or more sustainable materials from eco friendly companies. If small businesses need your help it is certainly now more than ever, so perhaps try to buy from a local independent company as opposed to the typical large furniture stores that you usually opt for.

Indoor green garden

Another popular trend that has emerged is the majority of people becoming interested in wanting to own a menagerie of indoor plants or to start growing their own herb garden. Plants have certainly been embraced more since the start of the pandemic with their calming properties (particularly Aloe Vera if you want to evoke positive vibes) and reminder of green spaces. The vibrant and scented flowers of certain varieties allow us to imagine we are wandering through a flower garden if we close our eyes to relax for a few moments amongst the busy, hectic aspects of the day. 

So go on and treat yourself to some lovely new accessories or revamp the rooms completely! Once those restaurants and pubs are open again, decorating will be the last thing on your mind.

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