3 Tips for finding apps to keep your heart health in check


I always considered myself to be pretty healthy. But I got a big wakeup call one day when an online friend of mine posted that they’d had a heart attack. He was my age and around my weight. Wow, that was a huge surprise!

Knowing someone who was just like me had such a big health issue really made me think. That’s when I decided to use my phone to find out some ways to help my heart be healthy:

Best heart health apps

Read articles to become heart-health educated

Whether you’ve just learned from the doctor that you are at risk for possible heart problems or you just want to be healthier, you want to do research. Your heart’s a complicated, complex organ that needs special care to help it stay healthy.

Daily news and health journals can give you the latest information about the newest recommendations and treatments. You can use credible health resources, such as the NHS website, to find out about heart disease.

There are many reasons why heart problems happen, so you want to know what can be done to prevent them.

Find recipes and foods that are heart-healthy

A big factor for the heart of your health is the food you’re eating. There are certain ones that you should avoid when you’re trying to keep your heart healthy, such as those high in cholesterol or fat. But there are also foods that can help fight bad foods whilst giving your heart health a boost.

Download an app for healthy recipes and an app for tracking your food, so you know what you’re eating each day.

It’s also a good idea to download a list of certain foods so you know what you want to avoid to help your heart. If you’re able to find a great diet plan with supplements and recipes, it’s also possible to prevent yourself from having a heart attack. But it’s important to note that food is only part of the solution – you have to change your lifestyle too.

Improve your body’s cardiovascular system using exercise

Did you know your heart’s a muscle? It is, and like all muscles, it needs exercise. A great way to improve your heart’s health is to exercise and get your blood pumping. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and lift weights. There are a lot of ways that you can exercise that are fun.

Choose swimming, running, dancing or even walking or playing with your dog. Find something that you enjoy doing that is exercise, and you will be doing your heart a world of good. There are plenty of free exercise apps that you can download to help you find the right routine.


It can be hard to change your diet and lifestyle. But when you think about the benefits – better health, more time with your friends and family, and longer life, it seems like a small price to pay. Once you try out some heart-healthy foods and find an exercise routine you love, you’ll find it’s much easier to change your life!

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