Top Reasons to Consider an Eyelid Lift


Over time, gravity takes its toll on our bodies – especially around our eyes where delicate skin becomes loose and can sag, negatively affecting both appearance and vision. When this happens, it may impede both appearance and vision.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can address sagging upper and lower eyelids for a more rejuvenated appearance. While it cannot remove dark circles under your eyes or wrinkles from your forehead, this process may help reduce puffiness and herniated fat cells in these areas.

1. You Want to Look Younger

Eyelid skin is thinner than other areas of the face and therefore shows signs of aging much sooner, especially due to hormonal fluctuations that influence women.

Sagging eyelid skin can make you appear older than you actually are and give off an aura of sadness, fatigue or anger even when none exists. By having eyelid surgery – also known as blepharoplasty – performed, this issue can be addressed and make you appear younger and more refreshed.

Eyelid lifts are also highly effective at correcting severe upper eyelid ptosis where excess skin obstructs your field of vision, helping restore full range of vision. While injectables and fillers are effective treatments for fine lines and other imperfections, only an eyelid lift addresses excess fat and skin to produce lasting results that could last as much as ten years with proper skincare and healthy living practices.

2. You Want to Improve Your Vision

An eyelid lift in Calgary may provide cosmetic benefits, but it may also be medically necessary. People experiencing extreme upper eyelid drooping or puffiness often require eyelid lift surgery for vision impairment as well as appearing older and tireder than they actually are.

Blepharoplasty can address this issue by surgically removing excess skin, fat and muscle from both lower and upper eyelids to create a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, this surgery restores natural widening in the eye area while helping improve how others see you.

Blepharoplasty is a safe procedure that can be completed at an ambulatory surgery center, at your surgeon’s office or hospital. The procedure typically requires local anesthesia and sedative medication injected subcutaneously or taken orally prior to beginning. Some patients may experience temporary double or blurred vision that lasts several days while the eyelids heal; thus it’s wise to arrange for someone else to drive you home after your operation.

3. You Want to Relieve Chronic Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, puffy eyes may make it hard for you to see clearly. Dark circles may also form around the eye socket. With lower blepharoplasty surgery, excess skin that causes allergies can be removed so as to improve vision while making you appear less tired and refreshed.

Consider an eyelid lift if your lower eyelid, known as entropion, turns inward towards your eyeball due to age, scarring or an injury – this causes eyelashes and skin rubbing against cornea, leading to pain and irritation. Blepharoplasty can restore its normal position for increased comfort while protecting from infection of cornea.

At an eyelid lift procedure, your surgeon will use local anesthetic and oral sedation to ensure maximum comfort during your procedure. After it has finished, you will usually spend some time recovering in a recovery room while staff monitor potential complications and rest properly afterward; be sure to ice the treatment area and keep your head elevated postoperatively to reduce swelling and bruising.

4. You Want to Look More Confident

Eyelid surgery can transform how you look and feel by creating a more refreshed, approachable appearance. Drooping eyelids or excess skin can be detrimental to how people perceive you; when this happens, people can easily interpret those emotions as anger or sadness even when that’s not actually the case. Eyelid surgery offers relief by correcting these issues for good and giving a more approachable appearance.

An eyelid lift involves cosmetic surgeons carefully dissecting the skin from underlying tissues to remove or redistribute fat deposits, tighten the skin around the eyes for a more youthful look and tighten puffy bags under them – all to give patients more awake look. Some patients also benefit from lower eyelid surgery which reduces puffy bags under eyes for an awakening look.

To determine whether eyelid lift surgery is right for your goals, schedule an appointment with an experienced facial plastic surgeon such as Sydney Starkman. She specializes in using various surgical techniques to address your concerns and achieve desired outcomes.

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