Transform Your Kitchen With the Beauty and Light of a Garden Window

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Garden windows offer a great place to display houseplants and other trinkets, yet too many items may overcrowd the space and block natural light from entering your home.

If you are considering installing a garden window, read on for an in-depth discussion on its costs and benefits. Knowing more will make finding professional installers much simpler. Winnipeg windows installed by skilled professionals can ensure you get the best out of your garden window.

1. Natural Light

Addition of natural light is key for making any space seem bigger and brighter, though full-sized windows or skylights may be prohibitively expensive. Installing smaller garden windows is an affordable alternative that will instantly enhance any area.

Garden windows are an excellent way to add depth and space for potted plants such as herbs or flowers in your kitchen, providing access to fresh aromatic ingredients while you cook.

Make the most of your garden window by keeping it clean and in good repair for maximum sunlight and view. Use reflective backsplash or high-gloss surfaces to increase reflection of natural light – this technique is especially beneficial in darker kitchens where extra brightness could come in handy.

2. Aesthetics

Imagine this idyllic kitchen on a warm spring afternoon: sparkling granite countertops display luxurious olive wood bowls filled with meticulously chopped ingredients from your mise en place, while nearby window herb gardens blooming with rosemary and thyme offer you a taste of what goes into creating your next meal.

Garden windows add an extra shelf space in your kitchen that’s ideal for plants or decorative pieces that dangle and shimmer when hit by sunlight. From bold hues to more pastel tones, installing garden windows in your kitchen can instantly enliven its interior decor.

Garden window designs typically allow users to open side panels by means of either a single-hung sliding mechanism or casement-style crank for a cool breeze, or by displaying attractive pieces such as crystal glasses and other decor pieces.

3. Ventilation

Garden windows provide an intimate place for cultivating herbs, flowers and small plants, while also serving as storage solutions for decorative items and keepsakes. Garden windows can be especially helpful above kitchen sinks where hand soap or sponges are easily accessible.

These windows provide excellent insulation, helping homeowners reduce energy costs. Available as both double- and triple-pane models, these windows also allow the installation of low-e coatings to further increase energy efficiency.

Thompson Creek can assist you in adding beautiful and functional garden windows to your home, with our experienced professionals providing assistance every step of the way. Contact us now to set up a consultation!

4. Energy Efficiency

Garden windows are constructed using durable and energy efficient materials to reduce home energy costs by keeping rooms more comfortable all year-round.

These windows typically use double or triple pane glass with either argon gas (or less commonly, krypton) between each window pane to increase insulation and may feature low emissivity coatings that block infrared and ultraviolet rays without impairing visibility.

Garden windows not only improve your home’s energy efficiency but provide additional storage space than flat windows. Garden windows are great for displaying spices, dishware or kitchen decor on display jars while their depth can also make planting herb gardens or succulents possible. You could even get creative and create themed windows like an inspirational gallery featuring your favorite objects.

5. Increased Home Value

Homeowners that choose professional window installers can increase the value of their homes through window companies. Garden windows add a special charm to any home and provide space to grow fresh herbs or decorative plants and flowers – an extra boost that improves well-being in any household, according to WCMA Net.

Garden windows are special windows designed to look outward, featuring an outward-opening sill with three glass walls and a greenhouse-style roof. Commonly found above kitchen sinks, garden windows offer the ideal place for houseplants and herbs to flourish.

Garden windows may cost more than standard flat windows, but their extra functionality makes the investment worthwhile. Homeowners should carefully consider all potential pros and cons before making their final decision to install garden windows in their home. Professional Winnipeg window companies are available to assist homeowners with their decision and installation process, ensuring that the end results are pure perfection.

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