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Tips to help you get into better shape

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Getting into better shape is an excellent goal to have but not always an easy one to tackle. It’s less effort to sit on the couch and eat your favourite foods than it is to hit the gym. However, it may not make you feel good at the end of the day. There are tips […]


Here’s how to boost your confidence levels


2021 is fast approaching and some say, it couldn’t come soon enough! But you might find yourself writing those all important new year’s resolutions to ensure that you kick start the new year the right way. With 2020 certainly being a year that none of us ever expected, it might be that you have some […]


3 Positive life changes we can all make under lockdown


With three weeks behind us and at least three more to go, our current state of self-isolation and social distancing is beginning to take a toll on many of us. We’re starting to realise how much we miss the things we’d previously taken for granted, like catching up with friends over coffee or taking the […]