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Reinvent yourself from top to toe with 7 beauty tips


Your hands and feet are the body parts you use the most. Taking care of them requires much more than just lotion. They need a good care regime to prevent infections and diseases like cancer. There are seven super ways to take care of your hands and feet. Check your nails Small spots on your […]


Everything you need to know about gel nails


Craving feminine gel nails but don’t want to spend a fortune on getting a manicure? Well, did you know that you can achieve feminine gel nails on your own and at home with the right set of tools? A lot of women are often misinformed when it comes to acrylics and gels. If you wish […]


How to give yourself a salon-quality manicure in quarantine


Lockdown has set in. Our routines have flipped and our regular selfcare practices like going to the gym, and getting our hair and nails done have halted.  The good news is that we can still keep up with most of our selfcare routines at home, like giving ourselves a top-notch salon quality manicure! Here’s how: […]