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How much sugar? Kids are clueless about food, says research


Children underestimate how much sugar is in their food and drinks by HALF. A behavioural experiment revealed kids have no idea just how much sugar they’re having, significantly underestimating how many sugar cubes are in their food. Youngsters were asked how much of the sweetener was in a bowl of instant porridge, a peanut butter […]


Parents shell out staggering £28,000 on top of school costs for kids


A new study of UK parents has discovered the true price parents will pay for extra curricular activities before their children turn 18. As many as 77 percent admitting they feel under huge pressure to find extra cash each week for activities, tuition, sports training and clubs, as school budgets are cut and families are […]


One in three parents work too late to tuck kids in

Almost a third of British parents work too late to tuck their kids in to bed at least three nights a week. A new study found that of 1,000 working mums and dads polled, more than seven in 10 rely on partners or grandparents to read their kids a story each night. And one fifth […]