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A Quarter of Americans Will Be Facing Debt This Year Because Of Christmas


Do you find yourself worried about money when Christmas comes around? Do you wonder how you’ll manage to pay for the holidays? Well, Americans do, as it was revealed that a quarter of them will be in debt this year because of Christmas. A brand new survey, conducted by, asked 2,000 American citizens how […]


How to Ask Your Boss for a Pay Rise

how to ask your boss for a payrise |

It’s no surprise that we often put off having the ‘money chat’ with our boss. Money is one of the most taboo subjects in the workplace and the thought of even asking for a pay rise is enough to make you come over in a cold sweat. Yet, not a day goes by without another […]


8 Money Saving Hacks for Students

money saving tips for students

Going to university can be one of the most daunting experiences of your life – you’re moving away from your parents, you’re meeting new people and most importantly of all, you’re paying your own bills! A study has shown that 50% of students worry about the costs associated with living at university and whether they will […]


Online Shopping: 4 Tips for Saving Money

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I don’t know about you, but online shopping is both my favourite hobby yet my enemy. What seems like a completely innocent browse of what’s in stores at the moment always ends up being a very damaging experience on my bank’s behalf. Shoes, bags and the same white t-shirt (which I realistically already have too […]