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How Much Do Weddings Actually Cost?


One may miss the good old days when weddings were easy, simple and cheap. They were romantic in a way; the wedding was organized in somebody’s basement or in a church. the reception was held at home. food and drinks were simple. and everyone had a great time no matter what. Today, a great wedding […]


4 Tips to Look Flawless in Athleisure

You’ve seen them at the mall, at your favorite coffee shops, you’ve definitely seen them at the gym and pretty much everywhere else – we’re talking about strappy sporty bra-like tops, yoga pants, figure-hugging hoodies and matching trendy sneakers. In one word: athleisure. In the past few, athleisure apparel has been taking over the stores, […]


Fun, Sun and Flight Delays


Holidaymakers jetting off to Corfu or Ibiza this Easter may have their time in the sun cut short – as half of ALL flights to the popular tourist spots are likely to be delayed. As well as busy airports and long queues, 50 per cent of the passengers heading to the top Mediterranean holiday spots […]


How Classy Are You?

Ever wondered how classy you really are? Do you mind your manners, know what cutlery to use and say your please and thank yous? Well, forget Downton Abbey, a new study has revealed the modern day signs of class. Avoiding emotional Facebook rants and text speak both made a list of the top 50 touches of class. For […]