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The Average Wardrobe Contains 152 items, But We Still Complain We Have Nothing To Wear

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Despite the average wardrobe containing 152 items of clothing, most British women still complain they have nothing to wear on a regular basis. That’s according to a new study by Marks & Spencer’s, and let’s face it, who can disagree? We all know that feeling of standing in front of our wardrobes first thing in the […]


20 Dishes We Find Impossible To Make

dishes we find impossible to make

Soufflé, Yorkshire pudding and the classic roast dinner are among the top 20 dishes Brits find impossible to make, according to new research. The study revealed the dishes Brits regularly fail to serve perfectly on every occasion because they are burnt, undercooked or hard to deliver to the table at the same time. Eggs prove particularly baffling, […]


Boob Jobs Drop From F Cup To C Cup In 10 Years

boob job rise

The size of Britain’s boob jobs have dropped from an F cup to a C cup in ten years, according to new data. Women today are looking to emulate Kendall Jenner over Kim Kardashian, the results show, opting for the athletic ‘gym bod’ look over super-sized breasts. The data revealed Northern women opted for bigger breast ops than […]


‘Hooked’ Brits Would Give Up Sex Before Mobile Phone

hooked on phones

Brits would rather give up sex and booze for a month in place of mobile service and Wi-Fi, according to new research. Sex and booze both appear on a list of ten things that mobile-obsessed Brits would give up for service, including going out and watching the TV! Many people admit they’re becoming addicted, with the […]