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Simon Whalley: Four Sumptuous National Dishes to Delight Food Afficionados


With an accomplished career in music, teaching and directing choirs in England as well as serving as the organist for the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York City, Simon Whalley is an avid reader with a keen interest in culture. From the humble hamburger to the rustic French dish Pot-au-Feu, this article […]


1 in 5 adults at risk of internet fraud by oversharing on social media


A fifth of adults have put themselves at ‘significant’ risk of internet fraud by oversharing on social media, according to a study. Birthday dates, names of pets, phone numbers and even their home address are among the personal details most commonly shared by the 2,000 adults polled. But despite this, 29 per cent of adults […]


Which celebs are the best entrepreneurs?

Jessica Simpson (1)

More and more of our favourite celebrities just aren’t satisfied with smashing it in their day job. They’re also branching out into the world of business to try their hand at being an entrepreneur. And while many celebrity ventures are dead in the water after just a few years, many have actually done very well […]


5 great gifts for your booze-loving friend


Finding the right gift for friends can be a daunting task. While you know about their likes and dislikes, it can be confusing to pick one gift that they will cherish the most. Well, your task can become a little easier if your friend is a fan of drinking! Are you searching for a perfect […]