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Sleep cycles and rhythms: Easy ways to fall asleep in winter


There are few things as cosy as curling up in a duvet or fluffy blanket when it’s wet and windy outside. Add in the darker nights of winter, the temptation is real! The trouble is, if we give in and have a little nap, it can mess with our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. Bear […]


Taming the stress hormone


Cortisol is known as “the stress hormone” since there is a clear link between the body’s cortisol levels and the mind’s stress levels. Excess cortisol has also been linked with several other undesirable conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to cancer. Dave Hartshorne, Managing Director of Simply Canna shares some of his tips for keeping […]


Could you benefit from air conditioning in your home?


Have you spent the last few nights pondering leaving the heating on over night and then the next minute, wake up sweltering? It’s times like these that you should consider installing air conditioning. Many people are often cautious about installing such a system as they think it’ll be a large and expensive purchase – and […]


3 ways to find joy and appreciation in everyday life


Everyday life can be a beautiful thing – and, of course, it should be. Life is a blessing and despite the challenges and hardships that inevitably arise, there is a lot to be joyful and appreciative of if you approach things in a postive way. Here are just a few things you can do in […]