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How much do braces cost?

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If you are unhappy with your smile, you can transform it with help of braces. One of the most trusted and widely used orthodontic treatments, braces are saviours for children and adults looking to have the perfect smile. Wearing braces can push your teeth together to straighten them. So if you have misaligned or crooked […]


Here’s how to boost your confidence levels


2021 is fast approaching and some say, it couldn’t come soon enough! But you might find yourself writing those all important new year’s resolutions to ensure that you kick start the new year the right way. With 2020 certainly being a year that none of us ever expected, it might be that you have some […]


Half of the nation hate their smile


Half the nation believe the state of their teeth has held them back in their working and personal lives. Researchers from Straight Teeth Direct  found a large percentage of the population are so self-conscious about their teeth that it affects them on an almost daily basis. Teeth  came third in a list of the things in life […]