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How to keep a healthy smile


“You’ve got such a beautiful smile.” We all know the power a statement that like holds. It can instantly ease any social situation and create an immediate bond between two people. Undeniably, a smile is one of the first features that other’s notice in you, and you want it to be looking its best.  Achieving […]


How to lose weight without dieting

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Fad diets come and go all the time; Atkins, Juicing, Caveman… the list is endless! Deep down everybody knows that the best and healthiest way to lose weight is by eating the right stuff and moving more. Yes we all want a quick fix, but jumping on the next diet craze band-wagon won’t guarantee you […]


6 things cancer survivors can do to regain emotional stability 

Having your life disrupted by cancer is something that can wreak havoc on your mental state, causing anxiety, depression and emotional fragility. It can be a long, uphill climb to get back to feeling normal again. Keep reading for the six ways that you can repair your mental state and regain stability after suffering the […]


6 Massage therapy tools that will change your life


Most people will agree that there is nothing more relaxing than a long massage session. But many of us view it as a luxury, something that is only possible at fancy massage parlours or spas. But actually, this isn’t quite true. You cant have a massage therapy in your very own home, so why not […]