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Are sleep sacks safer than blankets?


Ever since sleep sacks (like zipped up sleeping bags without arms)  hit the market, new parents have wanted to know whether they are safe and whether they should use one instead of a blanket for their baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics is currently advising parents to stop swaddling at eight weeks of age or […]


Foods to boost sperm quality for couples facing fertility problems


If you’re a couple trying for a baby, then drop the red roses and go nuts. A new  study has shown that almonds, along with other tree nuts, may help support male fertility and in turn the 3.5 million British couples facing infertility. Researchers found that eating 60 grams (about two portions) of nuts daily […]


Each parents walks 750 buggy miles per year, study finds

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The average parent clocks up almost 750 ‘buggy miles’ a year – further than travelling from London to Barcelona. A study of 1,000 mums and dads found the typical tot is strapped into their pram eight times a week, for a stroll of around 1.8 miles on each occasion. That amounts to more than 14 […]