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Getting celebrity looks on a tight budget

Celebrities are some of the most photographed people on the planet. So it stands to reason that once in a while, you will be super-inspired by the styles they are wearing. The gowns and suits that grace the red carpet are stunning, and they manage to pull together cool and casual with ease. So if […]


Why does blonde hair get darker with age?


Is the change in your hair colour from blonde to a darker shade worrying you? Well, you shouldn’t because it’s perfectly natural. The vast majority of fair-haired people go through this transition – some during childhood and some at adolescence, while others go through the change slowly. Having naturally blonde hair is a blessing because […]


Tips for Growing Out Your Hair Faster

tips for growing your hair out faster

We’ve all heard that patience is a virtue, but growing out your hair can be one of the biggest waiting games a girl could endure in her beauty routine. Perhaps you’ve had the chop a few months ago and are missing your long, luscious locks, or perhaps you’re just sick of wearing extensions. Both excuses definitely warrant […]


5 Ways to Style a Ponytail

how to style a ponytail

Unfortunately, not all of us have the hair stylist that Kim K does, so we have to make-do with our own basic hairdressing skills. When you’re doing your hair every day, it’s very common to get stuck in the same rut and fall for the same trick every time. That’s where we bring in our top […]