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7 Beauty Products That Every Woman Should Have

The Best Makeup Kits for On the Go

The world of glamour has advanced so much that it has become very difficult to decide that on which products we should be spending our hard earned cash. That is why we have compiled a list of top seven beauty products that every woman should have with them almost all of the time so that […]

Food & Drink

4 Reasons You Should be Cooking with a Dutch Oven

dutch oven

I will say this right upfront: the dutch oven is misunderstood. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have these beautiful and colorful dutch ovens in their kitchen and are able to count on one hand the amount of times they have used it (that’s if they have used it at all!). There […]


Take The Plunge and Go Self-Employed

change of career

“We just need you to think outside the box to help the business grow”. Suddenly there was no air in the room and my heart began to pound. Prior to this Skype conversation, I’d sourced clients with no recompense for using my personal resources or voluntarily working weekends. My efforts would never be good enough. […]


Top 8 Awesome Travelling Tips – Get The Most Out Of This Vacation

tourist in your own city

I love travelling, but like you all, even I wish to have more fun and activities at the minimum expense. I spend hours on the internet to find how I could save my hard-earned pennies without cutting out the fun. Found hundreds of saving tips, they are literally good, but practically impossible (experienced from my […]