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Sage Traveler: How To Give Back As Much Happiness As You’re Getting

Making the Most of Luxury Travel

Being able to travel internationally is a privilege not everyone has. If you’re ever given this chance, it’s good to experience it to the fullest. Each individual has their own definition of how they can make the most out of their trips. For some, it can be visiting the sites and all the places the […]


How to Create a Look That You Can Wear to Work and to a Night Out


The modern women are currently living the fast-paced life and are sometimes torn between hustling to make money and nurturing relationships and friendship at hand. It’s not easy to balance the work  and personal life as there are times when the schedules of both may overlap against each other and one becomes sacrificed over the […]


I’m Not a Budget Traveller, I’m a Traveller on a Budget

stress free flying tips

Don’t get confused; there is indeed a big difference between a budget traveller and a traveller on a budget. Perhaps we should change ‘budget traveller’ to ‘cheap traveller’, to give you an idea of what we really mean. A cheap traveller is one that compromises on their comforts, their safety, their food, and ‘lifestyle’, just […]


Bizarre beauty secrets from some of the most well-known celebrities


It’s no secret that the world of A-list celebrities is bold and beautiful but how exactly do they maintain such a great appearance? Well, you’ll be surprised at some of the bizarre beauty secrets that some of the most well-known celebs swear by. Gwenyth Paltrow This A-list blonde has admitted to using bee stings as […]