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5 Foods to Avoid for Healthy, Acne-Free Skin


Waking up in the morning to find acne or any breakouts is every woman’s nightmare. Regardless of whether it’s the big wedding day, prom night or even a regular day, women dread the sight of acne breakout on their face just as equally. Breakouts are usually associated with hormonal changes, poor facial exfoliation routines and […]

Health & Fitness

How to Naturally Ease Anxiety

How to Naturally Ease Anxiety

We all go through periods of stress in our lives were we feel that things are getting on top of us, and more than ever people are suffering with anxiety. Many young celebrities have been vocal about their anxiety. Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and the Jenner sisters have all spoken out about suffering from anxiety, […]


5 Things to Do for a Successful Relationship


We’ve all been there, you’re a year into your relationship and you start wondering ‘are we in a good place?’ and ‘is this relationship healthy?’. Unfortunately, only you can answer that question, but there are some things that successful relationships have in common. 1. Have similar social groups While it’s really important to have your […]


Here’s Why You’re Feeling Down (& How to Motivate Yourself)

feeling down

It’s a tale as old as time – literally. People get locket in to their daily routines and forget to actually live their lives. Now a new report has shone a light on the subject. Vitamin experts Solgar has found that doing the same things day-in, day-out means 94 per cent of us regularly drift through […]