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The most important moments in plus size fashion

How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

While there may still be a few things that need smoothing out before complete equality is reached, there’s no denying that plus size fashion has had a good few years. With figures showing that the average UK woman is a size 14, retailers are starting to provide more options for fuller figures both in store […]

Beauty Travel

Face Cleaning Products You Need When Travelling


Traveling is one of the best ways to unwind and relax — to take a break from the  daily grind. But a lot of times, it’s also the easiest way to make your skin either too dry and dull or extremely oily and shiny. It’s true that travelling feels refreshing to the mind and body, […]

Fashion Lifestyle

DIY Clothing Festival Costume Ideas for Rave & EDM Music Parties

How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

Bright outfits and vibrancy oozing from all around – this is what makes rave parties so popular. Maybe it is going to be the first one that you are going to attend, but that does not mean that you cannot appear like a pro. Make the grand entrance, and you will immediately attract every man […]


5 tips that all successful beautician should know

Beauty routine

No-one sets up a business to do okay. In fact, the main aim for many business owners is that they become a success. But how do you make sure that you do this? For those who are looking at starting in the beauty industry, then we have put together some of the best tips that […]