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Best Anti-aging Eye Creams for Wrinkles

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You can try your best to make yourself look young by coloring your gray hair, or updating your wardrobe, but two small areas on your face might still reveal your age. And those are the areas around your eyes. The areas around your eyes are highly prone to aging signs like wrinkles, age lines, etc., […]

Home & Garden

Top 7 Wall Decoration Ideas in the 21st Century


Who doesn’t get fascinated by a home with the trendiest wall design? A stark and bare (if you’re honest, boring) wall should have no place in your home. Interestingly, people will always thirst for a popular home design. Those empty walls are full of possibilities, and a few additions can make your house feel like […]


From a Sundress to Picnic Basket: Everything You Need to Enact Your Cottagecore Fantasy

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Imagine cool air caressing your skin while you enjoy pleasant spring sunshine in your garden. Surrounded by flowers and ducks in the nearby pond, you take a slice of a freshly baked cake. The leaves wave at you as the gentle breeze blows. You stand up to get tea from your cozy wooden hut. Your […]


Monster Guard: The Alexa skill that ‘scans’ bedrooms for ‘monsters’ so kids can sleep soundly this Halloween


A friendly guardian called Monty hosts Monster Guard – keeping evil creatures away with a sonic forcefield The fear of make-believe monsters scares thousands of kids every Halloween – but now there’s a way to ensure your little one rests easy during the spooky October season.   Available to download for Alexa, ‘Monster Guard’ is a technology […]