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Fashion Lifestyle

DIY Clothing Festival Costume Ideas for Rave & EDM Music Parties

How to Master the Effortless, Parisian Fashion Style

Bright outfits and vibrancy oozing from all around – this is what makes rave parties so popular. Maybe it is going to be the first one that you are going to attend, but that does not mean that you cannot appear like a pro. Make the grand entrance, and you will immediately attract every man […]


5 tips that all successful beautician should know

Beauty routine

No-one sets up a business to do okay. In fact, the main aim for many business owners is that they become a success. But how do you make sure that you do this? For those who are looking at starting in the beauty industry, then we have put together some of the best tips that […]


How does fear hold you back from becoming who you are?


It takes courage to get what we want in our life. Just as we all have our influencers-  the things or people that urge us to work harder and improve us at what we do, we also have things that demoralize us and shield us from accomplishing what we want. These de-sparks are camouflaged as […]

Lifestyle Relationships

How to Create a Wedding Budget That Actually Works


Your wedding will be one of the biggest events in your life. How do you go about planning and executing one of the biggest events in your life without going crazy? You start by eliminating most of the potential drama that may arise such as not having enough money to fulfill obligations you have committed […]